Introduction of our Customer

Our partner is a prominent AdTech SaaS tech company from the USA focused on providing innovative solutions for businesses. Their solution gives Fortune 500 companies control over the digital advertisement experience via a sophisticated and unified platform. They simplify ad experience management by integrating with existing tech and media stacks to centrally manage ad experiences across all channels. Their application was purpose-built to power all ad creative use cases, including DCO, personalization, audience management, creative performance visualization, experimentation, workflow, and self-optimizing performance competitions.

Key Details about Our Partner

  • Type of Company: SaaS Product Company
  • Type of Business: B2B
  • Industry: AdTech
  • Headcount: 70+ people
  • Headquarters: USA, California
  • Duration of cooperation: Since 2022 and ongoing.

The Main Challenge: Hiring Technical Account Managers with a Mixed Skills for the US AdTech SaaS Company

Our client had a specific challenge in recruiting Technical Account Managers. These roles were multifaceted, combining several various responsibilities in one position:

Account Manager for Client Success: Technical Account Managers are needed to ensure client success and satisfaction.
Software Development Background: They were required to have a software development background with expertise in JavaScript to manage some technical feature requests and requirements that are key to the customer’s success.
Management and Coordination: The role demanded strong management and coordination skills, similar to Project Managers/Product Owners.
In-depth Knowledge of AdTech and Google Advertisements: The company needed specific expertise in the AdTech industry, previous hands-on experience, and a deep understanding of Google advertisements.

In addition to those mentioned above, there were other requirements:

  • Fluency in English (C1 level) for communication with the internal team, clients, partners, vendors, and stakeholders from the USA.
  • Remote mode of work and B2B cooperation from Poland due to lack of office and legal entity in Poland.
  • We had to build brand awareness of this company in the Polish IT talent market.

The Solution Itentio IT Recruitment Delivered to the US-based AdTech SaaS Company

After conducting an in-depth brief call with the company, our team started actively searching for the great fit Technical Account Managers with specific combination of skills. You can read about the results below.

Our services provided to the client:

Requirement Analysis: We closely collaborated with the company to define the precise skill sets and qualifications required for the Technical Account Manager.
Market Mapping and Position Budgeting: Our team provided valuable insights into the current market status, salary ranges, and budget considerations.
Job Description Preparation: We tailored job descriptions that highlighted the diverse requirements of the role.
Sourcing: Our recruiters used a personalized approach to identify and attract candidates with the necessary qualifications.
Screening and Pre-Technical Evaluation: We thoroughly screened potential candidates to ensure a good fit for our client’s needs.
Reporting and Candidate Presentation: Regular reporting and presentation of qualified candidates to the client, complete with comprehensive profiles and screening comments.
Interview Scheduling and Support: We assisted in scheduling interviews and ensured smooth communication between candidates and the client.
Offer Management and Negotiations: We helped manage offers and negotiate terms with selected candidates.
Candidate Care: We maintained regular contact with candidates throughout the process, monitoring their mood and addressing their concerns.

The Results: Successful Hiring of Two Multifaceted Technical Account Managers for the US AdTech SaaS

Itentio IT Recruitment delivered exceptional results for our client:

  • Twenty one qualified candidates were found, screened, and presented for these multifaceted Technical Account Manager roles.
  • Four candidates received job offers;
  • Two candidates accepted the job offers and were successfully placed in these positions.

Initially, our partner wanted to fill this position with one person. After first successful remote hiring of a Technical Account Manager in Poland, the company decided to open one more remote position, which the Itentio IT Recruitment team also filled successfully. As a result of client satisfaction and trust, our team continues to deliver IT recruitment services and is currently working on a third similar opening for a Technical Account Manager.

Other positions Itentio took care of for our the US-based AdTech SaaS Company

In addition to Technical Account Manager’s position, our team was helping our partner with IT recruitment in Poland for other remote tech positions, namely:

  • Senior React/Node.js FullStack Developers;
  • Senior Java Developers;
  • Senior Automation QA Engineers;
  • JavaScript Markup Developers;
  • Ad Operations Specialists;
  • Sales Development Representatives;
  • Technical Writers.

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