Case study: Introduction of our customer – SaaS Product Company from US, Chicago

Our client is a product company based overseas that has created a state-of-the-art task management system. This system is similar to Jira and other tools but has a more specific use case and is tailored to the needs of the retail industry. Additionally, the system employs AI solutions to automate specific processes. The company has clients in the USA and worldwide.

Main details about our partner – Chicago-based SaaS Company

  • Type: SaaS company, product & ad-hoc IT consulting services.
  • Type of Business: B2B
  • Industry: Software for Retail
  • Headcount: around 200 people
  • Headquarters: USA
  • Duration of cooperation: since 2021 and still ongoing.

What was before our cooperation – the main challenge

Despite the challenges posed by COVID, our partner company approached Itentio IT Recruitment to assist with their hiring needs in Poland. They found the country the most attractive location in Central and Eastern Europe due to its strong IT talent market.

We received a mass email from the European CEO of a company that was contacting IT Recruitment agencies in Europe. We promptly responded to their request for cooperation within three minutes. We then scheduled a call and agreed on the terms of our collaboration. Our quick response time was one of the reasons why the company decided to partner with us.

As their solution rapidly developed, the company gained new clients, resulting in a shortage of IT specialists.

Their main challenges were the following:

  • Hiring only Senior and Lead-level Engineers.
  • Building small remote teams (around 4-5 people each) or fulfilling existing teams by bringing talents from Poland.
  • English level needed to be at least between B2/C1, or better C1 due to communication with team members from the USA.
  • Remote mode of work and B2B cooperation from Poland due to lack of office and legal entity in Poland at the beginning of our collaboration.
  • Building brand awareness of the new player in the Polish IT talent market.

Case study: Our solution

Since the day we signed the terms and conditions, our team has been actively searching for software engineers to find and hire the best-fit talents in Poland. Itentio IT Recruitment has been working closely with the client, providing advice on different aspects of talent recruitment in Poland.

Our services provided to the SaaS client from Chicago:

  • Requirement Analysis: We worked closely with the client to define the specific positions, skills, and qualifications required for the remote software engineers.
  • Market mapping and advice on positions budgets.
  • Job description preparation.
  • Sourcing: Our team used a personalized approach to identify and attract highly qualified candidates who would be a good fit for the set of criteria provided by the client.
  • Screening and Pre-Technical Evaluation: We conducted comprehensive screenings of potential candidates, reviewing their experience, technical skill sets, motivation, expectations, and availability to ensure a strong match for our client’s needs.
  • Reporting to the client on sourcing results and the status of the pipeline.
  • Candidate Presentation: We presented the client with shortlists of qualified candidates, providing comprehensive profiles and screening comments to aid the decision-making process.
  • Interview scheduling: We helped schedule interviews and arrange time slots that fit both candidate and client.
  • Ensuring data flow: sharing feedback after each interview steps for both candidates and clients.
  • Support in selection: We assisted the client in coordinating remote interviews and arranging interview time slots which fit both candidate and client.
  • Offer management and assistance in offer negotiations.
  • Candidates’ mood monitoring throughout the process, at the offer stage and post-placement.

Positions we took care of for Chicago-based SaaS company:

  • Senior React Developer;
  • Senior Java Developer (both Back-end and Full Stack positions covered);
  • Senior DevOps Engineer (variety of clouds, AWS, GCP, Azure);
  • Senior FullStack .NET Developer;
  • Vue.js Developer;
  • HR Manager (we helped our client hire new HR ASAP when it was required, provided 5 candidates for selection).

Case study accomplishments and results of our partnerships

Itentio IT Recruitment delivered:

  • 119 portfolios of candidates were submitted.
  • The client hired twelve candidates within three months of cooperation.

Our partner was pleased with how well we worked together and our ability to find skilled candidates to fill their job vacancies.

If you need assistance with IT recruitment in Poland, please feel free to contact us using the form below or by sending an email to We are happy to help.