Introduction of Client: Polish Ecommerce Startup

Our partner is an early stage Polish Ecommerce Startup. The company is revolutionizing the Ecommerce industry in Poland. Their mission is to provide cutting-edge solutions that enhance the online sales experience for customers. Users could manage all orders from different online marketplaces (e.g., Allegro, WooCommerce) in one convenient place. Users can quickly sort orders from several sales channels by grouping goods and determining the source of income.

This application allows quick generation of a delivery note, creating a label, and sending packages. Also, users could keep track of the status and sources of orders and the revenues generated, which makes this tool extremely handy and time-saving.

Key Details about Our Partner

  • Type of Company: SaaS Product Company
  • Type of Business: B2B
  • Industry: E-commerce
  • Headcount: Less than ten people
  • Headquarters: Poland, Lesser Poland Voivodeship.
  • Duration of cooperation: Since 2023 and ongoing.

The Main Challenge: Recruitment of the CTO for Company Shares

Our client had a challenge in recruiting the Chief Technical Officer – a visionary technologist passionate about driving innovation and leading dynamic teams. This person should thrive in a startup environment, ready to significantly impact the e-commerce landscape.

Main Requirements for the CTO position:

  • Technical Leadership: Provide strategic direction and oversee the development of the application, ensuring it meets the highest standards of performance, security, and scalability.
  • The technical stack used is Java, Java EE, Java FX, Apache Tomcat, TypeScript, Angular, and MySQL.
  • Team Management: Lead, mentor, and inspire a team of talented developers, fostering a culture of innovation, collaboration, and excellence.
  • Scalability: Architect solutions that enable the platform to scale as the customer base grows.
  • Continuous Improvement: Monitor and optimize system performance, staying ahead of potential issues and proactively identifying areas for improvement.
  • Quality Assurance: Establish and maintain testing processes to guarantee the reliability and functionality of the platform.
  • There was no salary offering for this position; only company shares were.
  • Fluency in Polish and decent English was an essential requirement.
  • Remote mode of work from Poland due to lack of office in Poland.
  • We had to build brand awareness of this company in the Polish IT talent market.

The Solution Itentio IT Recruitment Delivered to Polish Ecommerce startup

After conducting an in-depth brief call with the company, our team started actively searching for a new skilled CTO (Chief Technical Officer) who should take care of further product development, scaling, improvements, testing, and technical team management. You can read about the results below.

The spectrum of services provided to the client:

Requirement Analysis: We closely collaborated with the company to define the new Chief Technical Officer’s precise skill sets and qualifications.
Market Mapping and Position Budgeting: Our team provided valuable insights into the current market status and advised on shares split for the CTO.
Job Description Preparation: We created the job descriptions that highlighted all requirements of the role based on the briefing call with co-founders.
Sourcing: Our recruiters used a personalized approach to identify and attract candidates with the necessary qualifications.
Screening and Pre-Technical Evaluation: We thoroughly screened potential candidates to ensure a good fit for our client’s needs.
Reporting and Candidate Presentation: Regular reporting and presentation of qualified candidates to the client, complete with comprehensive profiles and screening comments.
Interview Scheduling and Support: We assisted in scheduling interviews and ensured smooth communication between candidates and the client.
Offer Management and Negotiations: We helped manage offers and negotiate terms with selected candidates.
Candidate Care: We maintained regular contact with candidates throughout the process, monitoring their mood and addressing their concerns.

The Results: Successful Hiring of the New CTO

Itentio IT Recruitment delivered impressive results for our client, detailed below:

  • Six candidates was initially screened for this position.
  • Four qualified candidates was submitted for the CTO position within the first two weeks of cooperation.
  • All four presented candidates from this pipeline was taken into the recruitment process by our partner.
  • Together with our client we conducted the whole recruitment process with these candidates in less than 2 weeks.
  • As a result, one candidate received an offer and accepted it.
  • The position of CTO was closed in less than a month.

Other positions Itentio took care of for this Polish Ecommerce startup partner

In addition to CTO’s position, our team was able to deliver to our partner a Senior FullStack Java Developer which joined forces with the new company’s Chief Technical Officer.

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