Case study: Introduction of our customer

Our client is a SaaS company based in the US that specializes in digital marketing. As their business grows, they need to expand their software development team to meet the increasing demands. To access global talent, they wanted to build a distributed nearshore team enabling remote work.

Main details about our partner

  • Type: SaaS product company
  • Type of Business: B2B
  • Industry: Digital Marketing
  • Headcount: 40+ people
  • Headquarters: USA
  • Duration of cooperation: since 2018 and still ongoing.

What was before our cooperation – the main challenge

We received a recommendation for a reliable and expanding SaaS company in the United States. Their objective was to establish a nearshore software development team and initiate a nearshoring hub, with Central and Eastern Europe being a potential region of consideration. They required assistance forming a group of proficient software developers who could work remotely.

With our advice our partner chosen Poland as their primary target market for several reasons: 1) it is part of the EU; 2) it has a large talent pool in Central and Eastern Europe; 3) software engineers in Poland have a good ratio of skills to salaries; and 4) establishing their business in Poland would allow them to expand into other European markets.

Their main challenges:

  • to build the software development team from scratch;
  • initially need to hire an on-site local Tech Lead/Software Architect in Poland;
  • after hiring a local leader, to start building a senior-first team of developers;
  • additional challenges were related to hiring people with specific language knowledge (either russian or Ukrainian) for accessible internal communication with other team members.

Case study: Our solution and approach

To address the client’s recruitment needs, Itentio IT Recruitment agency adopted a comprehensive approach:

  • Requirement Analysis: We worked closely with the client to define the specific positions, skills, and qualifications required for the remote software developers starting from Tech Lead/Software Architect to Senior and Regular software developers.
  • Market mapping and advice on positions budgets.
  • Job description preparation.
  • Sourcing: Our team used a personalized approach to identify and attract highly qualified candidates who would be a good fit for the set of criteria provided by the client.
  • Screening and Pre-Technical Evaluation: We conducted in-depth screening calls with candidates, where we also asked a set of prepared questions from our partner to give our partner more initial information about the candidate and conduct a preliminary evaluation of candidates’ proficiency in relevant programming languages, frameworks, tools and spoken languages.
  • Reporting to the client on sourcing results and the status of the pipeline.
  • Candidate Presentation: We presented the client with shortlists of qualified candidates, providing comprehensive profiles and screening comments to aid their decision-making process.
  • Interview scheduling: We helped schedule interviews and arrange time slots that fit both candidate and client.
  • Ensuring data flow – sharing feedback after each interview steps for both candidates and clients.
  • Support in selection: We assisted the client in coordinating remote interviews and arranging interview time slots which fit both candidate and client.
  • Offer management and assistance in offer negotiations.
  • Candidates’ mood monitoring throughout the process, at the offer stage and post-placement.

Positions we took care of:

  • Technical Lead/Software Architect;
  • Senior Node.js Developers and Full-stack Node.js/React developers;
  • Senior PHP Developers and FullStack PHP/React developers;
  • Senior Front-end React Developers;
  • Manual QA Engineers;
  • Automation QA Engineers;
  • Sales Development Representative (SDR);
  • Technical Support Specialist.

Case study accomplishments and results of our partnerships

Within the first 11 days of our cooperation, we found and presented an excellent candidate who became Technical Leader and Software Architect in this company.

After that, we focused on hiring Senior and strong Regular level Software engineers with various technologies, such as Node.js, React, PHP, and AWS, and collected a team of technical experts. In addition, at some point, we helped our partner hire Business Development Representatives and Technical Support Specialists in Poland who joined relevant teams remotely.

Some numbers of our cooperation:

  • Itentio IT Recruitment delivered 235 portfolios of candidates to our partner in total (roughly 50 portfolios per year depending on clients’ needs)
  • over 80% of candidates were selected for interviews with co-founders;
  • around 1/7 of selected candidates were offered a job.

Our partner successfully fulfilled their IT recruitment needs and established a nearshoring software development hub in Poland, thanks to the assistance of Itentio IT Recruitment agency. By hiring a remote software development team, our client was able to speed up the process of creating new product features and meet market demands with special software. Moreover, hiring locally in Poland resulted in significant cost savings compared to the US market.

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