Case study: Introduction of our customer

We have a partnership with an international product company that operates in the automotive and E-commerce industries. Their solutions assist global automotive manufacturers and aftermarket suppliers in streamlining their operations. Our collaboration is long-term, and some time ago, they presented us with a highly demanding role. Find out what it was and how we managed it by reading below.

Main details about our partner:

  • Type of Company: Big business
  • Type of Business: B2B
  • Industry: Automotive, E-commerce
  • Headcount: 1000+ people
  • Headquarters: USA, offices internationally
  • Duration of cooperation: since 2018 and ongoing.

What was before our cooperation – the main challenge

Itentio IT Recruitment was referred to the company by an acquaintance of ours from the IT industry, which had a position of HR Manager back then. Before the cooperation started, this company already had 4 IT recruitment agencies supporting them with different roles. But it appeared that the company wanted a better quality of services provided by those partners. That’s when they decided to give us a chance based on the recommendation they received.

Since then, Itentio IT Recruitment agency helped the partner with various positions. But one case was the most challenging. They approached us and provided information that one of the projects in Germany was changing, and they needed to find someone special.

The challenges were the following:

  • It was an old project (like 20 years old) with legacy code and mainly maintenance.
  • The technical stack was also not so cutting edge. The company needed experts in Turbo Pascal, Delphi, Visual Basic etc., which will be convenient to work with these technologies now.
  • One more obligatory requirement – this person must live in Poland and speak German at least at the upper intermediate (B2) level or higher.
  • The budget and deadline were tight.
  • Based on the initial information, the project is expected to last for a year. Therefore, we are seeking an individual who can commit to a one-year contract with the potential for an extension.

The solution IT Recruitment brought to the partner

Upon hearing the initial requirements, we realized that finding a suitable candidate for the position would be difficult due to the numerous specific requirements. However, we were intrigued by the challenge and agreed to assist our partner.

We conducted a brief call with the HR Manager to understand their technical and soft skill requirements better. It helped us to create a more targeted list of potential candidates for the job. Our market analysis revealed that only eight candidates in Poland meet the main requirements.

After confirming all aspects of the positions, we prepared job descriptions, and our team members started to source appropriate candidates for this position.

Our service package provided to the client:

  • Requirement Analysis: We worked closely with the client to define the specific positions, skills, and qualifications required for the remote software engineers.
  • Market mapping and advice on positions budgets.
  • Job description preparation.
  • Sourcing: Our team used a personalized approach to identify and attract highly qualified candidates who would be a good fit for the set of criteria provided by the client.
  • Screening and Pre-Technical Evaluation: We conducted comprehensive screenings of potential candidates, reviewing their experience, technical skill sets, motivation, expectations, and availability to ensure a strong match for our client’s needs.
  • Reporting to the client on sourcing results and the status of the pipeline.
  • Candidate Presentation: We presented the client with shortlists of qualified candidates, providing comprehensive profiles and screening comments to aid the decision-making process.
  • Interview scheduling: We helped schedule interviews and arrange time slots that fit both candidate and client.
  • Ensuring data flow: sharing feedback after each interview steps for both candidates and clients.
  • Support in selection: We assisted the client in coordinating remote interviews and arranging interview time slots which fit both candidate and client.
  • Offer management and assistance in offer negotiations.
  • Candidates’ mood monitoring throughout the process, at the offer stage and post-placement.

Positions we took care of:

This particular role was Senior Software Engineer with Turbo Pascal/Visual Basic/Delphi and good knowledge of German.

We assisted our partner in hiring candidates for various positions for nearly five years working together:

  • .NET Developers (any type, from Junior to Senior and Lead, both back-end and FullStack with Angular and React).
  • Java Developers (same as with .NET, all levels of seniority and including FullStack Engineers with variety of front-end frameworks).
  • Front-end engineers with Angular and React, depending on project needs.
  • SQL Database Developers (from Junior to Senior level).
  • SQL Administrators and System Engineers (Regular and Senior level).
  • DevOps Engineers (mainly with Azure).
  • Business Intelligence Engineers (from Junior to Senior level).
  • Business Analysts (Regular and Senior level).
  • QA Engineers (both manual and Automation, from Junior to Senior level).
  • Project Managers/Product Managers/Product Owners (Regular and Senior level).
  • Data Analysts (Regular and Senior level).
  • Applications Managers (associate and mid-level management).

Case study accomplishments and results of our partnerships

Let’s revisit the specific case we previously discussed. As mentioned earlier, out of all the candidates in Poland, only eight met all the criteria set by the client, which we referred to as the “ideal fit”. To expand the pool of potential candidates, we also searched for individuals who met most criteria but needed more in one non-essential aspect. Our agency, Itentio IT Recruitment, was fortunate to have successfully attracted the attention of three candidates from the “ideal fit” group. All of them were invited to the interview process. Ultimately, one of these candidates was selected for the position.

So let’s focus on numbers, to sum up:

  • eight potential candidates in the “ideal fit” category in the whole Poland;
  • three out of eight candidates were preliminary interested, screened by Itentio IT recruitment team and represented to the client;
  • One candidate out of three was hired successfully.

Our agency is capable of fulfilling our partners’ IT recruitment needs. This successful endeavour remains a significant memory of Itentio’s capabilities even after several years have passed. Since then, we believe there is no unfillable position.

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