Case study: Introduction of our customer

Our partner is an actively developing Polish startup hiring locally in Poland to grow the technical team. Their solution is in the digital marketing industry, focused on helping local companies expand their presence on the Internet and get more traffic and grow business accordingly.

Key details about our partner:

  • Type of Company: Startup, SaaS
  • Type of Business: B2C & B2B
  • Industry: Digital Marketing, SEO
  • Headcount: 10 people
  • Headquarters: Poland
  • Duration of cooperation: since 2023 and ongoing.

What was before our cooperation – the main challenge

Two co-founders sought assistance in managing the recruitment process, enabling them to concentrate on their daily responsibilities. The CEO aimed to expand the business, while the CTO focused on enhancing the application’s architecture for better product-market fit. They required further guidance as they needed to be made aware of current market trends, budgets, and recruiting practices. The company had not hired anyone in the past 1.5 years and had no internal HR or recruiter. Therefore, they decided to be engaged with our IT recruitment agency.

The challenges were the following:

  • The company required to hire several niche engineers of Senior and Mid-level, independent enough to work entirely remotely;
  • Our client has niche technology, namely Elixir, so niche engineers needed to know this back-end technology and ideally, front-end on React as well;
  • Considering the startup atmosphere, they wanted to find someone energetic and passionate about coding their solution and willing to go the extra mile if it is required for the project’s success.

The solution Itentio IT Recruitment brought to the partner

To better understand the needs of the CEO and CTO in terms of technical and soft skills, we conducted brief calls with them. It helped us create a market mapping and focus on the correct pipeline. Based on our internal knowledge and external market research of similar positions, we advised on the current market status, salary ranges, and budgets. We agreed on a benefits package that is attractive to potential candidates joining their startup.

After confirming all aspects of the positions, we prepared job descriptions and engaged two recruiters from our team for these positions immediately.

Our service package provided to the client:

  • Requirement Analysis: We worked closely with the client to define the specific positions, skills, and qualifications required for the remote software niche engineers.
  • Market mapping and advice on positions budgets.
  • Job description preparation.
  • Sourcing: Our team used a personalized approach to identify and attract highly qualified candidates who would be a good fit for the set of criteria provided by the client.
  • Screening and Pre-Technical Evaluation: We conducted comprehensive screenings of potential candidates, reviewing their experience, technical skill sets, motivation, expectations, and availability to ensure a strong match for our client’s needs.
  • Reporting to the client on sourcing results and the status of the pipeline.
  • Candidate Presentation: We presented the client with shortlists of qualified candidates, providing comprehensive profiles and screening comments to aid the decision-making process.
  • Interview scheduling: We helped schedule interviews and arrange time slots that fit both candidate and client.
  • Ensuring data flow: sharing feedback after each interview steps for both candidates and clients.
  • Support in selection: We assisted the client in coordinating remote interviews and arranging interview time slots which fit both candidate and client.
  • Offer management and assistance in offer negotiations.
  • Candidates’ mood monitoring throughout the process, at the offer stage and post-placement.

Other niche engineers positions we took care of:

  • Senior Elixir Developer (two options, Back-end or FullStack with React);
  • Regular Elixir Developer (two options, Back-end or FullStack with React).

Case study accomplishments and results of our partnerships

Itentio IT Recruitment agency delivered five perfectly selected candidates for the client. The timing was perfect, as we built the pipeline of five candidates and conducted the recruitment process comprehensively in less than one month! There were three Senior FullStack Elixir/React Developers and two Regular FullStack Elixir Engineers.

As a result, all five candidates were considered and taken into the recruitment process, and two candidates from this pipeline were hired.

At this time, we have successfully met all of our client’s recruitment needs. We look forward to the opportunity to work with them again in the future and assist in expanding their team.

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