Introduction of Client: Blockchain Startup

Our partner is a blockchain web3 company which has a variety of products, including exchange platform, DAO, blockchain assets wallet and educational platform with blockchain news, insights and learning materials.

Key Details about Our Partner

  • Type of Company: Web3 Product Company
  • Type of Business: B2C and B2B
  • Industry: Blockchan
  • Headcount: 30+
  • Headquarters: Poland
  • Duration of cooperation: Since 2022 and ongoing.

The Main Challenge: Recruitment of Senior FullStack and DevOps Engineers

Our client had a challenge in recruiting the Senior Front-end and DevOps Engineers with a solid experience in required technical stack (React for Front-end Engineer, Cloud computing, Docker, Kubernetes for DevOps Engineers), cutting edge solutions development and startup attitude. The company was rapidly developing and therefore required new tech team members.

Main Challenges:

  • Hiring only skilled Senior-level Engineers.
  • Fulfilling existing tech teams by bringing remote talent from Poland.
  • English level needed to be at least upper intermediate.
  • Remote or hybrid mode of work and B2B cooperation was preferred.
  • Building brand awareness in the Polish IT talent market.

The Solution Itentio IT Recruitment Delivered to the Blockchain Startup

After conducting an in-depth brief call with the company, our team started actively searching for a new skilled Senior Frontend and DevOps Engineers, who should take care of further product development and scaling of the applications company had.

The spectrum of services provided to the client:

Requirement Analysis: We closely collaborated with the company to define the new Senior Engineers’ precise skill sets and qualifications.
Market Mapping and Position Budgeting: Our team provided valuable insights into the current market status and potential quantity of candidates within existing requirements.
Job Description Preparation: We created the job descriptions that highlighted all requirements of these positions based on the briefing call with management of the company.
Sourcing: Our recruiters used a personalized approach to identify and attract candidates with the necessary qualifications.
Screening and Pre-Technical Evaluation: We thoroughly screened potential candidates to ensure a good fit for our client’s needs.
Reporting and Candidate Presentation: Regular reporting and presentation of qualified candidates to the client, complete with comprehensive profiles and screening comments.
Interview Scheduling and Support: We assisted in scheduling interviews and ensured smooth communication between candidates and the client.
Offer Management and Negotiations: We helped manage offers and negotiate terms with selected candidates.
Candidate Care: We maintained regular contact with candidates throughout the process, monitoring their mood and addressing their concerns.

The Results: Successful Hiring of Two Senior DevOps and One Frontend Engineer

Itentio IT Recruitment delivered impressive results for our client, detailed below:

  • Twenty candidates was submitted for the DevOps position and twenty two for the Senior Front-end position, total 42 candidates presented.
  • Together with our client we conducted the whole recruitment process with these candidates promptly.
  • As a result, 5 offers were submitted, and 3 offers was accepted.
  • Both positions were successfully filled.

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