IT recruitment in Poland is a highly competitive field. Therefore, writing transparent job posts can give you a competitive advantage. It is crucial to create job postings that are clear and informative and include all the necessary details to attract top talent.

This article will guide you through a transparent job posts writing strategy, tips and tricks that can help you attract and retain the best IT professionals in Poland. We will consider the main benefits of transparency of job posts for IT recruitment and provide best practices for writing clear job postings.

Benefits of Transparent Job Posts in IT Recruitment

Transparency is an ethical value and a competitive advantage in the IT recruitment industry. Being transparent lets you stand out and attract the best talent available in the Polish IT market. Let’s consider the main benefits of transparent job posts for IT recruitment:

Attract suitable Candidates with Transparent Job Posts

Transparent job posts set clear expectations. Based on the information in the vacancy description, potential candidates can quickly determine if the position aligns with their skills, time invested in the recruitment process, and their salary expectations. It also saves valuable time for both parties, as only genuinely interested and qualified potential candidates will apply.

Inform about the recruitment process

Clearly outlining the recruitment process in job descriptions helps candidates understand what to expect. It can include details about the number of interview rounds, assessment methods, and approximate timelines. Providing this information allows candidates to prepare adequately. It reduces uncertainties, leading to a more positive and engaging experience throughout the recruitment process.

Build trust and set clear expectations

Setting clear expectations about the role and position’s requirements is necessary to ensure transparency. It means clearly outlining the responsibilities, skills, and qualifications needed for the position. By doing so, companies can attract candidates who match their requirements and refrain from receiving irrelevant applications. This positive perception can attract top talent who value transparency in the hiring process.

Improve your employer brand and reputation

Considering that the IT sector is one of the most dynamic and demanding industries, candidates are highly selective and informed. They look for companies that share their values and vision and that can offer them a fulfilling and rewarding career. Transparency in vacancy postings allows you to showcase your company culture and values and demonstrate that you respect and appreciate your existing and potential employees. A strong employer brand and reputation can help you attract more referrals, recommendations, and positive reviews, boosting your visibility and reach in the Polish IT talent market.

Reduce the time and cost of hiring

Transparency can also help you simplify and optimize your hiring process. As a result, your company will attract more relevant and qualified candidates and reduce unqualified applications and dropouts. Adding the salary range or budget to your job posts will allow you to filter out candidates who are uninterested or would hardly meet your expectations. It can save time and resources, as you can focus on the most suitable candidates in the pipeline and avoid wasting time screening and interviewing candidates who are not a good fit from the beginning. Transparency can also reduce the risk of losing candidates to competitors. The main reason is that they can see that you are serious and committed to hiring them and offer a fair and competitive compensation package.

Increase employee satisfaction and retention

Transparency can also positively impact employee satisfaction and retention by setting clear expectations, fostering trust, and reducing turnover. Transparent job posts can ensure that your employees know what is expected of them, what they can expect from you, and how they can grow and develop in your company. It can also help you create a culture of trust and collaboration, where employees feel valued and respected and where they can share their feedback and ideas openly. In addition, transparency can also help you retain your current employees. They can see that you are consistent and fair. Also, you reward and recognize their performance and contribution. A happy and loyal team member can help improve your company’s productivity, quality, innovation, and employer brand and reputation.

Best Practices for Writing Transparent Job Posts

Writing transparent job posts is about including the salary range or budget as well as providing comprehensive and accurate information about the role, the company, and the benefits. Here are some of the best practices for writing transparent job posts that can help your tech company attract and retain the best IT talent in Poland:

Use clear and concise language in transparent job posts

Focus on avoiding jargon, acronyms, or vague terms that might confuse or mislead the candidates. Use simple and direct language that communicates your message clearly and effectively. Utilize active voice and action verbs to make your job posts more engaging and compelling. Operate bullet points and short paragraphs to improve readability and scannability.

Highlight your tech company’s value proposition

Explain why the candidates should work for your company and what makes you different or unique from other employers. Highlight your company culture, values, vision, unusual aspects, and how they align with the candidate’s goals and aspirations. Showcase the impact and value of the role and how it contributes to the company’s mission and success. Highlight your benefits and perks, such as flexible and/or remote work opportunities, learning and development possibilities, and recognition and rewards.

Optimize your transparent job posts for SEO

Use keywords and phrases your target audience is searching for that are relevant to your industry and niche. Include your main keyword in the title, meta description, and title tag. Use variations and related keywords throughout the content. Use heading tags (H1, H2, H3) to structure your content and make it easier for search engines to index your job posts. Consider adding a variety of potential keywords. For instance, if you are looking for a “Software Developer”, use also words like “Engineer” or “Programmer” somewhere in the job description, as you never know how exactly your potential candidates will search for this job opportunity. Use tools and resources, such as Google Keyword Planner, Ahrefs, and Yoast SEO, if you use WordPress-powered websites, to help with keyword research and optimization.

Include the salary range or budget in your transparent job posts

One of the most essential and transparent elements of your job posts is the salary range or budget of the position. By including this information, you can attract interested and qualified candidates and select the best-fit candidates. You can also save time and resources, as you can avoid negotiating or discussing the salary later in the hiring process. To determine the salary range or budget, you can use tools and resources like Glassdoor, PayScale, and to research and benchmark the IT market salaries in Poland and expectations for your role and location. In addition, you can use the information from our recent report, which will provide you with salary ranges for different positions in Poland. You may consider using not exact budget figures. It is better to utilize salary ranges or brackets to allow some flexibility and room for negotiation.

Include the benefits and perks

Another transparent element of your job posts is the benefits and perks that you offer to your employees. By including this information, you can showcase your company culture and values and demonstrate that you care about your employees’ well-being and happiness. You can also differentiate yourself from other employers and appeal to candidates looking for more than a salary. Some benefits and perks you can offer are private health insurance, a bonus scheme, vacation and sick leaves on B2B, flexible work hours, remote work options, gym membership, childcare support, training, and employee discounts. We are covering all types of benefits available in the Polish IT market in detail in our report.

Include the company culture and values

Another translucent element of your job posts is the company culture and values. It defines your organization and its people. By including this information, you can communicate your vision and mission and how they relate to the role and the candidates. You can also attract candidates who share the same values and vision and can fit in and thrive in your company culture. You can show your tech company’s culture and matters by describing your core values and beliefs. You can also share your company story and history, highlight your social and environmental responsibility, and showcase your team and work environment.

Include the project details and challenges

Another evident element of your transparent job posts is the role’s details and challenges. By including this information, you can provide a realistic and accurate picture of the position, its responsibilities, and what the candidates can expect from working on the project in some time perspective.

You can also highlight the impact and value of the project and how it aligns with the company’s goals and objectives. Some of the project details and challenges you can include are the following:
1) scope and objectives of the project;
2) the technologies and tools used;
3) the team and stakeholders involved;
4) the timeline and milestones;
5) the difficulties and risks faced.

Include the career development opportunities

Another vital element of your job posts is the career development opportunities your IT company offers to your employees. By including this information, you can show that you are invested in your employee’s growth and development and that you support their career aspirations and goals. It can also be a great motivation and retention aspect for your employees, as they can see that their company provides them with opportunities to learn, improve, and advance. Some of the career development opportunities that you can include are mentoring and coaching, feedback and performance reviews, learning and development programs, internal and external training, certification and accreditation, and promotion and progression paths.


In this article, we have shared a transparent job post strategy to help you attract and retain the best IT talent in Poland. We have discussed the benefits of transparency for IT recruitment, such as improving your employer’s brand and reputation, attracting and informing candidates, building trust, reducing the time and cost of hiring, and increasing employee satisfaction and retention. We have also provided some best practices for writing transparent job posts, such as using clear and concise language, highlighting the value proposition, optimizing the job descriptions for SEO, and including the salary range or budget, the benefits and perks, company culture, and values, project details and challenges, and the career development opportunities.

Transparent job posts with budgets, recruitment process details, and clear expectations have proven to be a practical direction in IT recruitment in Poland. As the job market becomes more competitive, transparency in job posts is becoming a crucial aspect of implementing a successful IT recruitment strategy.

We hope this article has inspired you to implement this strategy and write transparent job posts to help you achieve your IT recruitment goals. Suppose you seek more tips and resources regarding efficient IT recruitment in Poland. In that case, you can check out our report. You can also subscribe to our social media (Linkedin and Facebook) to avoid missing our new content and updates, and contact us for a consultation or a quote on our IT recruitment services.

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