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How to Hire Top IT Talent in Poland Without Cost Implications

Even If You Have No Hiring Experience in the Polish Job Market

You'll learn about:

🌐 IT Landscape in Poland

Delve into a data-driven analysis of Poland's IT recruitment. Discover how a whopping 60% increase in demand for Polish IT specialists is reshaping the market, uncover the top 3 challenges faced by 80% of recruiters, and gauge the overall vibrancy of the Polish IT sector.

📈 Emerging Trends in 2023

Stay updated with the trends influencing 2023! Learn how companies are adopting remote work, grasp the nuances of the hybrid work model, and get insights into the controversial "quiet cutting" trend impacting the industry.

🎯 Effective Recruitment Strategies:

Arm yourself with result-driven strategies that have a proven success rate of 85% in IT recruitment. Understand the transformative power of transparent job posts, how leveraging social media can increase candidate engagement by 50%, and the unmatched value of direct engagement with IT communities.

💰 Inside the Polish IT Pay Scale:

Discover surprising insights from a detailed salary analysis. With a notable 20% pay surge across diverse roles in Poland's IT realm over the last year, position yourself at the forefront of compensation strategies and fine-tune your budget like never before.

Why trust this guide

  • Proven Expertise: Founded in 2018, Itento IT Recruitment Agency has consistently delivered top-tier recruitment services for companies from North America, Europe, And The Middle East. The insights in this guide come from strategies with a proven 99% retention rate, ensuring you're getting advice that's both tested and triumphant.

  • Based on Data: Our database of over 30,000 IT professionals informs the depth of content in this guide, ensuring you get a comprehensive look at the talent spectrum.

  • Local Market Mastery: Our deep-rooted knowledge of the Polish IT landscape and proactive role in local communities provides insights into trends, budget nuances, and candidate preferences, ensuring you always have an edge.


"We wanted to hire software engineers in Poland and Itentio did an excellent job by providing us with a number of outstanding candidates to interview. They understood our recruitment needs and helped at each stage of recruitment process. This resulted in the filling of our positions and we had very exciting additions to the team. We strongly recommend Itentio as a reliable IT recruitment partner."
COO, Strategic Advisor
, UK


"Itentio is a reliable Recruitment partner. We have been working with Itentio on different roles: developers, QA engineers, managers, and DevOps engineers. The collaboration process is transparent and simple, and most importantly - fast and effective. The company does its own prescreening and interviews prior to sending qualified candidates to review. They are professionals in their field and know the labour market well. There was not a single position that we could not close together."
Productive Edge
Chief Executive Officer


"Itentio IT Recruitment was able to understand our business needs quickly. As a result of that, we have interacted with good-quality candidates for the roles we were after. We made some great hires."
HR Manager

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