IT recruitment agencies specialize in connecting companies with qualified IT professionals. They have an extensive network of candidates and possess in-depth IT industry knowledge. In this article, we will explain why you should use IT recruitment agencies in Poland, what they do and how they can benefit your tech company.


Poland is one of the fastest-growing IT markets in Europe, with a strong demand for IT professionals across various sectors and industries. Poland has roughly 400,000 IT specialists and 15,000 graduates yearly. However, finding the right talent in Poland’s tech industry is challenging, considering its competitive and dynamic market.

IT employers face many challenges, such as a shortage of skilled candidates for their niche and specific requirements, turnover rates, complexity of hiring processes, etc. That’s why many international and local tech companies choose to cooperate with IT recruitment agencies in Poland to overcome these challenges and find the best IT talent for their specific needs and budget. In this article, we will explain why you should use IT recruitment agencies in Poland, what they do and how they can benefit your tech company.

What IT Recruitment Agencies in Poland Do

IT recruitment agencies are specialized firms that offer IT recruitment services to tech employers and candidates. They have the expertise, experience, and network to match the most suitable IT professionals with attractive IT jobs in Poland, including remote ones. Here is what IT recruitment agencies do:

  • Sourcing: IT recruitment agencies use various methods and tools to source IT candidates, such as job boards, social media, referrals, events, etc. They also have access to a large pool of qualified and vetted IT candidates actively or passively looking for new opportunities. IT recruitment agencies can contact these candidates and present them with relevant IT job offers that match their skills, experience, and preferences.
  • Screening: IT recruitment agencies conduct the initial screening of IT candidates. That includes reviewing their resumes, portfolios, and online profiles (e.g., on GitHub), conducting phone or video interviews, and making initial assessments. They also verify the candidates’ backgrounds. IT recruitment agencies filter out the candidates who are not suitable or interested in the IT job offers and shortlist the ones who are the best fit for the tech company’s requirements and expectations.
  • Presenting: IT recruitment agencies present the shortlisted IT candidates to the IT employers, providing them with candidate profiles – detailed information and feedback on each candidate, such as their previous job experience, motivation for a job change, and expectations from a new job, as well as salary expectations, availability for interviews, language(s) knowledge, notice period, etc. IT recruitment agencies also highlight the candidates’ unique selling points and how they can add value to the IT employers’ projects and goals. Therefore, IT recruitment agencies help IT companies compare and evaluate candidates and select the ones they want to proceed with.
  • Assisting with Interviews: IT recruitment agencies help set up interview stages and confirm time slots to help the company and candidate conduct the recruitment process promptly and without delays on either side.
  • Negotiating: IT recruitment agencies facilitate the negotiation process between IT companies and candidates, helping them to reach a mutually beneficial agreement on the terms and conditions of the job offer, such as the salary, benefits, start date, etc. IT recruitment agencies can also handle the offer letter, ensuring both parties are satisfied and committed to the job offer.
  • Onboarding: IT recruitment agencies assist employers and candidates with the onboarding process, such as providing candidates with the necessary information and documents, ongoing support, and follow-up with tech employers and candidates, ensuring a smooth and successful transition and integration of candidates into employers’ teams and culture.

The Benefits of Using IT Recruitment Agencies in Poland

Using IT recruitment agencies in Poland can benefit IT employers as they can help them overcome the challenges of tech recruitment and find the best IT talent for their specific needs and budget. Here are some of the benefits of using IT recruitment agencies in Poland:

Use of IT Recruitment Agencies in Poland is Time Saving

IT recruitment agencies can save a lot of time for tech companies, as they can handle the entire IT recruitment process, from sourcing to onboarding, in a fast and efficient manner. They can reduce the time-to-hire and quickly find and present the most suitable candidates for the job opportunities without the need for employers to post ads, filter dozens of irrelevant resumes, or conduct an initial screening.

Cost-Effective Solution

IT recruitment agencies can save money for IT employers by offering cost-effective IT recruitment solutions. They can charge a reasonable fee for IT recruitment based on successful hires or outsourcing/subscription services. Considering that the cost of bad hire is high, agencies can reduce the cost of hiring and retaining IT staff by providing high-quality candidates who are more likely to stay and perform well in a new position.

IT Recruitment Agencies in Poland has Industry Expertise

IT recruitment agencies have the expertise in finding the best IT talent for specific sectors. A deep understanding of the tech industry and the specifics of its particular sub-verticals, like gaming, blockchain, Big Data or AI, brings agencies the opportunity to find excellent candidates that will fit the expectations.

Local IT Market Knowledge

IT recruitment agencies in Poland, by daily operation on the local market, perfectly know its trends, challenges, and opportunities. They can utilize this knowledge to find and attract the best IT talent in Poland, as they know where and how to reach out, what to offer, and how to convince candidates to join the tech company’s projects.

Access to a Large Pool of Qualified and Vetted IT Candidates

IT recruitment agencies in Poland have access to a large pool of skilled candidates who might instantly meet the specific job requirements. In addition to that, agencies can find candidates from various channels and sources, such as their database, network, referrals, social media, events, etc. They can also verify candidates, ensuring they have the relevant skills and experience for the required vacancies.

Opportunity to Reach Passive Candidates and Enhance Employer Branding

A lot of candidates are not actively looking for new jobs. Still, they are open to hearing from recruiters in case of exciting opportunities. IT recruitment agencies in Poland can engage with passive candidates and help tech companies create or enhance employer branding in the Polish IT market by showcasing brand, culture, values, projects, etc., and that this particular IT company can offer a rewarding and fulfilling career for the IT candidates, its benefits and advantages.

Data-Driven Decision-Making

Agencies can provide information technology companies with data-driven decision-making by sharing relevant and reliable data about candidates, pipelines, recruitment process status updates, job opportunities they are searching for, etc. It could be various data – response rates, negative response reasons, quantitive assessment of these reasons, and feedback gathered from candidates. This information can help IT companies improve the process, reduce time-to-hire, and change job descriptions to make them more attractive to candidates.

Knowledge Sharing and Providing Valuable Insights

One more benefit of IT recruitment agencies in Poland is that they can also provide tech company with practical insights regarding the IT sector, not only trends, but also share best practices, tips, and tricks for IT recruitment, as well as feedback and suggestions on how to improve their recruitment process and its results.

Synergy and Long-Term Cooperation

Reliable talent acquisition agencies focus on synergy and long-term partnerships with tech companies rather than transactional single deals. Agencies can understand the IT employers’ business and become long-term partners, helping grow technical teams and providing ongoing support. At the same time, agencies should be flexible in adapting and adjusting to their partners’ changing needs and expectations, providing them with flexible and customized IT recruitment solutions.


Using IT recruitment agencies in Poland can be a great way to find the best IT talent for your specific needs and budget, as they can help you overcome the challenges of tech recruitment and benefit from their expertise, experience, and network. IT recruitment agencies can save you time and money, provide you with access to a large pool of qualified and vetted IT candidates, offer you data-driven decision-making, engage with passive candidates and enhance your employer branding, share knowledge, and provide valuable insights, and make mutually beneficial long-term cooperation with your tech company.

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