We proudly announce rebranding from Close Europe to Itentio IT Recruitment in a bold move that signifies growth and evolution. This strategic decision comes from our continuous commitment to delivering exceptional IT recruitment services and our dedication to staying at the forefront of the industry. With the new brand identity, Itentio IT Recruitment is assured to embark on an exciting journey, expanding our reach and further enhancing our ability to connect top-tier IT talent from Central and Eastern Europe with leading organizations across the globe.

What was the reason for our decision of rebranding?

We decided to rebrand our company because we needed to reposition ourselves. Our previous brand name, “Close Europe,” had different meanings that could confuse our target audience. Although we wanted to emphasize our commitment to bridging the talent gap and fostering closer connections between European countries, some people associated the name with politics.

Introducing Itentio IT Recruitment – A Rebranded Identity with a Powerful Vision

We undertook the rebranding process to ensure clarity and alignment with our core values and mission. This rebranding initiative empowers us to forge ahead with a clear and cohesive message that resonates with our audience and showcases our commitment to excellence in IT recruitment. Our new brand identity better reflects our dedication to facilitating seamless collaboration and providing exceptional IT recruitment services. By transitioning to a new name and visual identity, we aim to enhance our brand recognition, foster trust, and communicate our true purpose of bringing together talented professionals and innovative companies across Europe.

The rebranding to Itentio IT Recruitment represents a significant milestone in our company’s history after five years in business. Itentio, derived from the Latin word “intentionem,” meaning intention or purpose, reflects our unwavering focus on fulfilling our clients’ and candidates’ needs and aspirations. Our new brand identity encompasses our vision for the future, solidifying our position as a leading IT recruitment agency committed to driving success for IT businesses and professionals.

Striving to improve on an already excellent foundation

Throughout our journey as Close Europe, we have built a reputation for excellence, delivering unparalleled IT recruitment solutions to our valued clients. At Itentio IT Recruitment, we carry the same values of trust, integrity, respect, commitment and professionalism that have defined our success. Our team of seasoned IT recruitment professionals remains dedicated to exceeding expectations, utilizing our industry expertise, and leveraging our extensive network to provide tailored solutions that address the unique needs of our clients.

Expanding Horizons, Uniting Talent

With the rebranding, Itentio IT Recruitment expands its horizons, embracing a global perspective while maintaining our strong roots in Central and Eastern Europe. Our focus on sourcing local candidates, deep understanding of regional markets, and multilingual capabilities set us apart, enabling us to serve as a trusted partner for organizations seeking top IT talent and professionals seeking fulfilling career advancements. We are excited to connect with a broader network of clients and candidates, bridging the gap between exceptional talent and career opportunities worldwide.

A Journey of Transformation

The rebranding process marks a transformative journey for our organization. Itentio IT Recruitment represents our continued commitment to innovation, adaptability, and continuous improvement. We are devoted to staying ahead of industry trends, embracing emerging technologies, and leveraging data-driven insights to deliver more excellent value to our clients and candidates.

Conclusion of our rebranding

The rebranding from Close Europe to Itentio IT Recruitment marks an exciting chapter in our company’s history. With a renewed sense of purpose, a strengthened vision, and an unwavering commitment to excellence, Itentio IT Recruitment is poised to make an even more significant impact in IT recruitment. We enthusiastically look forward to the future and invite you to join us on this journey of growth, partnership, and unlimited possibilities.